Skills Development Academy is passionate about the upliftment and empowerment of people. Our passion allows us to provide
employees and individuals with knowledge and skills to allow them to change their ideas, needs and wants into sustainable

We understand that your company is as good as your staff and impact on the success of your business and therefore can assist with you with general skills development initiatives, which include:

      • Assist with employment equity plan
      • Assist with BEE to aid companies to reach desired BEE level
      • Understanding the impact of skills development on your business
      • Skills audits
      • Linking jobs to OFO
      • Selection of learners for learnerships, skills programmes and development
      • Selection of training providers
      • Management of training interventions
      • Development of learning material, assessment instruments that meet the criteria of QCTO, ETQA, Professional Bodies
      •  Assist training providers with the accreditation and extension of scope process